On July 12, 2014,

our first SustainMe event

was a resounding success



We enjoyed the professional insight from all of our outstanding speakers and the over 160 attendees from across Maine’s coast and islands.

Stay tuned for information on future events.

In the meantime, check out

The Working Waterfront’s story on the 2014 event:


Photo by Cathy MacNeill

Photo by Cathy MacNeill


The SustainME conference is designed for existing and future entrepreneurs, investors, marketing professionals, academics and those committed to the economic vitality and communities of Maine. The intimate and intensive conference experience will start the minute attendees set foot on a special boat­ ride from Portland to Chebeague lsland, chartered by the seminar organizers. There is also an alternative boat from Cousins Island.

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Island Institute

The Island Institute is a non-profit organization that has served the islands and communities of the Gulf of Maine since 1983. The Community Forum is a Chebeague-based civic and business group dedicated to creating a marketplace for ideas to enhance the community's future. Both the Island Institute and The Community Forum are dedicated to furthering the economic vitality of Maine's islands and coastal communities.

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We are very grateful to Peter Ralston and Cathy MacNeill for photographs.